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Public Health and Well-Being

Our approach to public health and well-being focuses on designing urban environments that support healthy lifestyles and foster a sense of community. We believe that the creation of thriving "third places"—spaces outside of home and work where people can gather, socialize, and engage in activities—plays a critical role in promoting the overall well-being of city residents.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of the "agora," a central public space in ancient Greek city-states where citizens gathered for various purposes, our consulting services aim to help cities create modern equivalents of these vibrant community spaces. By incorporating elements such as accessible green spaces, pedestrian-friendly streets, and mixed-use developments, we assist cities in building frameworks that encourage residents to engage in physical activity, social interaction, and community participation.

We recognize that the health and well-being of a city's residents are intrinsically linked to the design and organization of their urban environment. By prioritizing public spaces and fostering a culture of healthy living, our "Agora"-inspired approach seeks to transform cities into thriving, resilient, and inclusive communities where individuals can lead fulfilling and active lives.

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Our Process


Assess Client's Needs and Public Health Context

Our initial step involves a comprehensive assessment of the client's specific needs and goals related to public health and well-being. We will engage with city officials, public health organizations, and community stakeholders to identify their unique challenges, aspirations, and priorities in promoting healthy lifestyles. By understanding the local context and existing public health initiatives, we can tailor our approach to address the city's specific needs and provide solutions that align with the community's vision.


Conduct Research and Data Analysis

Once we have a clear understanding of the client's objectives, we will conduct in-depth research to identify trends, opportunities, and best practices in promoting public health through urban design and planning. This may include reviewing academic literature, analyzing demographic and public health data, consulting external experts, and evaluating successful public health initiatives in other cities. Our evidence-based approach, grounded in our team's extensive knowledge of public health, ensures that our recommendations are informed by a solid foundation of research and knowledge, maximizing the likelihood of success.


Develop and Present Customized Strategies

With the insights gained from our research, we will develop a set of customized strategies that address the client's goals related to public health and well-being. These strategies will focus on creating vibrant "third places," promoting walkability, and supporting city frameworks that encourage healthy lifestyles and community engagement. We will present our recommendations to the client, providing detailed explanations of the rationale behind each strategy and how our public health expertise can help them implement initiatives that create a positive impact on the overall health of the city's residents.


Support Implementation and Monitor Progress

After presenting our recommendations, we will work closely with the client to support the implementation of the proposed public health strategies. We will provide guidance and assistance throughout the process, ensuring that the plan is executed effectively and according to the agreed-upon timeline. Additionally, we will establish key performance indicators and monitor progress to assess the impact of our strategies on public health and well-being. By maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client and leveraging our public health knowledge, we can make any necessary adjustments to the plan and ensure its long-term success in promoting healthier urban environments.

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