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Portrait of Maurice el Helou

Maurice el Helou

Partner & CEO

Maurice el Helou is a city strategy specialist in his final year of the Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences program, specializing in child health. He possesses a keen understanding of urban revival and city planning, backed by his extensive entrepreneurial experience. Maurice's strategic thinking and applied knowledge of urban development enable him to address complex urban challenges and create thriving, inclusive environments for residents of all ages. His expertise in youth engagement, child-independent mobility, and urban design plays a crucial role in shaping the vision and approach of AgoraAdvisors, driving the firm's mission to improve the lives of citizens through innovative and sustainable urban planning solutions.

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Zoe el Helou

Partner and Chief Researcher

Zoe el Helou is a public health expert with a strong academic background, holding an Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University and currently pursuing a Master's in Public Health. She has extensive research experience and a strong rapport in relevant fields, making her an invaluable asset to the team. Passionate about improving the well-being of communities, Zoe's expertise spans across various aspects of public health, including disease prevention, health promotion, and policy development. Her unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience enables her to develop evidence-based strategies and solutions tailored to the needs of diverse populations.

Portrait of Zoe el Helou
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